As a fully insured, bonded, and licensed general contractor registered with the state of Washington, we are able to offer a full range of services.  We can meet all of your asphalt and concrete maintenance needs as well as new construction.  We specialize in both residential and commercial projects.  Avoid the headache of dealing with multiple contractors and allow us to provide great service with outstanding quality while handling all of your site needs!  Learn about methods, solutions, and procedures for all of our services


Paving is a broad category that includes a wide array of projects.  The different methods of paving and types of asphalt used are based on a number of factors including the existing condition, surrounding environment, job location, and intended usage.  We can analyze your specific situation and determine the best solution to meet your needs.

Concrete:  At Rain City Paving, we provide nearly all types of commercial concrete work, and custom residential concrete work; both done to the highest standards.  If you have a commercial property, we can take away your headache of dealing with sub-contractors and job coordination.  Let our concrete and asphalt teams work seamlessly together for a successful outcome.

After Seal Residential

Sealcoat offers a fantastic cost-effective way to both aesthetically enhance your property as well as extend the life of your asphalt.  Sealcoat replenishes oil lost in asphalt due to oxidation, UV’s from the sun, and constant exposure to water.  Proper surface preparation (treatment of cracks, cleaning, oil-spot treatment, moss removal, etc…) followed by the application of sealcoat is the best thing you can do for protecting your investment and maintaining your pavement.


ADA rules and regulations can be difficult to handle.  We offer broad knowledge and a ton of experience in this area.  Let us help you navigate your way to compliance.  When it comes to ADA projects, you can be confident with us and our ability to get the job done right the first time.  Let us help you determine the most cost effective way to achieve your goals!

Grading and drainage is an integral part of what we do.  In our local environment where storm runoff is crucial, we take pride in being the best at designing drainage systems and developing solutions for existing problems.  Whether its sub-grade preparation, base rock compaction, or the installation of storm drains, or other utilities, it is imperative that these are done correctly.  Ultimately they will determine the outcome of your project and how well your product lasts.  Trust in our precision and experience to get it done right!

Striping is coordinated with the completion of our other services to provide a nice clean finish.  Re-striping is also imperative in order to maintain traffic safety on your property.  We fill all of your needs when it comes to striping, signage, stenciling, and more!  We can also get your ADA striping/signage updated.  Learn about all of our striping services.